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915 West Belknap St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

No More Malls

You know, we’re just not the mall type. We tried it, we did well, but frankly, The Import Store is just a little too quirky for the mall. Besides, the astronomical rent put a damper on our desire to offer great prices.

No more! In 1995 we got our own place in the old Mapsco building near the corner of Henderson and Lancaster in Fort Worth. We filled the store with thousands of wholesale samples, made them available directly to the public, left the original price tags on, and never looked back!

In 1999, the City of Fort Worth thought our spot would make a better freeway improvement project than retail store. We packed up, built a 10,000 square foot store a few blocks away at 915 West Belknap, and moved in, clock, stock and chiminea!


I’m a second generation retailer. My dad, Dan Kirkham, started this business in 1984, and taught me the ropes, based on his 40-year retail career.

The Import Store philosophy is to buy stuff people like at hard-to-believe prices and keep inventory turning. As an independent in a sea of national chains, we succeed by placing the highest value on personal service, hiring a great staff, and treating customers right.

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